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Thank you for making this.

This is a beautiful piece. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated the warnings for content ahead of time!

love it, i would love if this concept of storytelling if it´s more fleshed out, maybe made a point and click adventure style of interaction but if you click on an object tell you their significance, idk. im not a writer- game designer. still the writing is really good and the portraits are amazing 


i am safe, i am held


a beautiful game, eypeccially the soundtrack is just great

It has connected with me in a way I don't think I can really explain. I just love it.

Thank you all for this <3

that was amazing!!!

but now me and my sister cant stop looking out the window T-T

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The binary runs in forced fullscreen, and on my multimonitor (ultrawide) setup, this means I can't see a lot of stuff so it's not playable. A lot of games do this, it would be nice if alt-enter would give you a resizable windowed version..


Hi! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll get that fixed up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, please feel free to play it online here, just right above. It should be a relatively similar experience!


Thanks! Cool that you offer a web version, too :)

yes piz!!!

ok thx!

The story told was beautiful, Thank you :)

I have no words, this game is so good.

Thank you for the beautiful story!

This was an amazing experience, thank you!

I can't wait to stream this tonight!!! Thank you for making this title! 

A gorgeous small little story, the interactive elements really popped!

Beautiful art and beautiful words. I really enjoyed this short story.

A really compelling story that was well executed. The art goes well with the story and it gave me somewhat creepy vibes but in a good way. This game gave me such an immersive experience. 

Quite beautiful. Art complimented the story very well. Overall a great experience.


vivid and powerful story, atmospherically framed with glichy graphics and ambient tunes!


Oh, this is great. Really evocative writing; I loved the creeping small-town listlessness, and the supernatural-or-metaphor-or-both elements. The glitchy, gritty art is lovely too. Excellent work!


The mood on this is SO GOOD, it's overwhelming my senses. It took me longer than 10 minutes to finish, but just because I had to stop and savour the experience a bunch of times :___


This gave me the chills. I loved every word, every background, every sound.

Thank you for making this <3


thank you for reading this, truly <3